Bewusstseinsregion Mauthausen-Gusen-St. Georgen

“Bewusstseinsregion” means “Region of Awareness” and is a spin-off intitiative of the year-long process to reach monumental protection for remnants of the KZ Gusen concentration camp complex after six decades of inactivity by the relevant Austrian State Authority.

In order to increase the acceptance of the monumental protection of certain KZ Gusen remnants, the Austrian Monumental Protection Authorities started this inititive together with the Communities of St. Georgen/Gusen, Langenstein and Mauthausen, and the Gusen Memorial Committee.

The idea was to activate people of the local population to participate in thinking about possible future concepts to use these remnants and to give them (together with the whole region) a new meaning for learning from history for the future in General.

With 2013 this first phase of activating people from the local population was finished. Currently we wait for the constitution of a new carrier organization that will develop this future “Mauthausen-Gusen-St. Georgen Region of Awareness”.

For more Details, please check the specific website of Bewusstseinsregion Mauthausen-Gusen-St. Georgen.