Top-Class Discussion about Gusen on FALTER Radio!

May 15th, 2020

Raimund Löw moderated a high-quality discussion on May 14, 2020 on the Viennese FALTER Radio under the headline “Warum das KZ Gusen vergessen wurde (Why Concentration Camp Gusen was forgotten)”, with Martha Gammer (president of the Gusen Memorial Committee), Bertrand Perz (historian of the University of Vienna), David Freudenthaler (journalist for Austrian research platform Addendum), Martin Engelberg (MP for the ruling conservative party), and Barbara Tóth (journalist of the FALTER magazine).

For the first time, a public discussion of experts reflected publicly on the question of how the Second Republic of Austria displaced Mauthausen’s largest “subcamp” in Gusen – a set of concentration camps that was significantly larger than the Mauthausen main camp itself and whose number of victims significantly exceeded that in Mauthausen.

The expert panel can be viewed on YouTube (in German language)
or can be heard directly on the FALTER Radio (in German language)

Please listen also to the following programs that FALTER Radio has made available with David Freudenthaler and Michael Mayrhofer from the Addendum research platform in German language on the forgotten Gusen complex of concentration camps in the last days:

# 321: Das vergessene Konzentrationslager (I) – The Forgotten Concentration Camp (I)

#326: Das vergessene Konzentrationslager (II) – The Forgotten Concentration Camp (II)