TV Documentary revealed link between House of Hanover and KZ Gusen II

August 19th, 2014

First German national television network ARD revealed in its new documentary “Adel ohne Skrupel (Aristocracy without Scruples)” new details about economic links between the Guelph Family and concentration camps like Wels, Grein, or Gusen II. Besides other topics, the documentary focuses on the former companies Porr AG and Flugzeug- und Metallbauwerke Wels (Aircraft and Metal Construction Plant Wels) that were owned by the Guelph´s during World War II and that were also involved in the construction and operation of the huge “Bergkristall” underground plant of KZ Gusen II at St. Georgen/Gusen, Austria. GMC members Dusan Stefancic and Rudolf A. Haunschmied were interviewed along with this production. Also illustrations from the GMC study “St. Georgen-Gusen-Mauthausen – Concentration Camp Mauthausen Reconsidered” were used.

The documentary can be seen until August 25, 2014 via the following link:

The official website of this documentary can be found via the following link:,welfen134.html